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Kriton Artos
Kriton Artos
Kriton Artos


The production of high quality products is for us both a legal and a moral duty towards the public. The high quality standards during the production and the processing along with the continuous effort to satisfy the needs of today's consumers are the pillars upon which the whole company is based on.

The modern facilities, the excellent selection and quality of raw materials, the strict observance of sanitary law requirements and the daily quality controls at all stages of the production process (receipt of raw materials, production, packaging and storage) guarantee the production of high quality products.

The management and the employees of "KRITON ARTOS SA", having as our main goal the complete satisfaction of the customer and because we believe in continuous improvement, we are committed to the following fundamentals:

  • The right compliance and continuous improvement of the Food Safety Management System.
  • The continuous training of the personnel to ensure a high level of expertise and professional competence.
  • The continuous improvement of our production practices and hygiene practices - GMP & GHP.
  • Maintaining the communication channels we have created with our suppliers and customers.
  • Ensure all necessary resources for maintaining and updating all systems and improve the facilities, any equipment and our working environment.
  • Respect and protect the rights of all the employees of our company.
  • Monitoring that the safety-product related targets and indicators are followed.
  • Commitment to comply with the laws and regulations of the Greek and European legislation and with the bilaterally agreed customer requirements for safety and quality of the products.
  • Raise awareness and respect of the staff on environmental protection.

We believe that all of the above not only provide and reflect positively our company in the market, but also give a sense of pride and satisfaction to all of us, management and staff who work for the development of "KRITON ARTOS SA".

The President and CEO
Emmanuel Damianakis